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Parks of Old North Durham

by admin - March 29th, 2010.
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There are two city parks located in Old North Durham.
One is Old North Durham Park. It is located at 310 W.Geer St.
Ameneties include:

    Athletic field
    Greenway access
    5 picnic facilities
    Soccer field

Bay-Hargrove Park is the smaller of the two. It’s located at 208 Hargrove St. (just off of West Trinity Avenue).
Ameneties there include 2 picnic facilities and a playground.

Additionally, there are 2 dog parks in the Durham area, just outside of Old North Durham.
Northgate Park features 2 fenced in areas, one for larger dogs and another for smaller dogs to roam off-leash.
Piney Wood Park , in southern Durham, features 4 seperate fenced off areas.

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